Morchard Bishop Milennium Concert

On the 14th/15th January, Morchard Bishop held a Milennium Concert. There follows on this page a selection of acts in the show.

Middle-aged Spread perform a Medley of songs:

Middle-aged Spread Medley

Middle-aged Spread perform “The Rhythm of Life”

Middle-aged Spread sing the Rhythm of Life

Les Belles Parisienne

Le Belles Parisienne Milennium Concert

Streamline Skiffle play “Putting on the Style”

Streamline Skiffle Putting on the Style

Streamline Skiffle play “Rock Island Line”

Streamline Skiffle Rock Island Line

Streamline Skiffle play “My Old Man’s a Dustman”

Streamline Skiffle My Old Man’s a Dustman

Twinning Association “On the Hoof!”

On the Hoof!

Morchard Bishop Swing Band

Morchard Bishop Swing Band

Ray & Brian

Grandma’s Feather Bed







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