About Banjobrian

Hello!  I am Banjobrian and I would like to share some of my hobbies and activities with you.

In my Ukulele section, samples of my Song Books can be seen, showing chord sheets for you to follow, with backing tracks to assist you.  These have been written in particular for the Morchard Bishop Ukulele Band but if you contact me, I can supply you with the books and backing tracks if you so wish.

In the Bowling section, you will see information regarding Morchard Bishop Bowling Club. Having been a member for 30 years now, I thought it would be good to share pictures and information with others about the activities of the club.

In my entertainment section, you will see clips of events that I have been involved with over the years, including mainly musical items.

In the Pantomime section, there are samples of the shows that I have been privileged to write/produce/direct with a lot of help from many others.  You will see short extracts from the shows and again, if anyone would like to use the scripts, please contact me.

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